A Life Update + A New Job(ish)

February 26, 2018

The last time I wrote a lil' somethin' for this blog, it was hot, humid, and I was just getting acquainted with my apartment. Now it's winter and Riley and I are on YEAR TWO of living in Brooklyn Heights, and I have bought so much stuff from Target it's shameful. We recently renewed our lease because we love it here, but also because it would be a pain in the rear end to move all of the $h*t I have collected down six flights of stairs. But really, we have enjoyed the past year in our quant neighborhood and cozy apartment.


In BuzzFeed news, I have a new job! For the past nine months I was on the lifestyle team, creating content centered around home-y and life-y things (hence why I didn't pay much attention to my own blog). At the end of the year I was given an opportunity to join the market team. I will still be writing, but focusing more on reviewing products and writing roundups of things you should definitely not buy but also definitely should. 


Here are some things I've written about so far: 

My obsession with Target's performance sheets 



This product roundup filled with adorable things for pitbull lovers 


And here are some other exciting things coming up in 2018:

Riley, his family, and I will be traveling to Jordan! 

I will be making a trip to Denver for my childhood bestie's wedding.

I will obviously transition into a new job with a new team 

And enjoy the sunshine if it ever comes! 





Pic 1: Me (lol).

Pic 2: My new corner of my apartement! This side of the living room took me so long to figure out... (more pics to come!)

Pic 3: My mama and I in Charleston.

Pic 4: Lukie, just because he's so cute.



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