A Living Room Peek

July 16, 2017

Well, it only took a casual seven months to get my apartment together, but alas! It finally feels like home! Every paycheck I'd buy something for the living room. When we first moved in back in February, we had ZERO furniture for the living room. All I had when I came to NYC was a bed, dresser, and a couple nightstands.. 


So the first thing I did was order a couch — which took a month to get here so we sat on an air mattress in the living room for a while, lolz. I bought tons of other living room pieces from IKEA and Amazon. I wanted to have a place that felt comfortable and had some pizzaz, but I also didn't have tons of money to blow. After all, this tiny shoe box is pricey!!


One of my favorite parts about this living room is the table. My boyfriend's stepdad actually handcrafted this beautiful thing, can you believe that?!?! When he asked for dimensions, I accidentally gave him the wrong ones (oops) so we ended up with a super tall coffee table. But since we don't have a big enough space for a dining table, we ended up keeping it tall. 


Just recently I stacked two benches I had in the corner and made a little drink area so we had some extra space for glasses and cookbooks. This is my second favorite thing in this living room, obviously. 


Fast forward seven months, and here we are! I honestly couldn't have done it without Riley's input. He'd always keep me in check when I wanted to buy completely useless things, or pieces that wouldn't match the space. So I ended mixing a bunch of neutral colors, bought super cheap pieces and made them our own, and came up with this. There's still lots more I want to do, but for now, here it is! 


And yes, that is Aziz on my TV, and yes, we were watching Parks and Rec.



Here's a little before picture just to show you how far this place has come! 







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