Ice Cream, Wine + Big News

May 14, 2017

Big big news, everybody! I've accepted a job as lifestyle writer at BuzzFeed!!! Woo, celebratin' with that ice cream and wiiiiiine. 


It's a real big girl job, benefits and all. There really isn't enough I can say to stress what a big deal this is to me. I have vivid memories of sitting in college, scrolling through BuzzFeed during all of my lectures, trying to figure out how to score a job there post graduation. And here we are! I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT.


Ok, so how did I get here?! Scroll down and I tell you. 


I haven't talked a lot about my time at Food Network or my job history in general, but for those interested, I thought I'd give you all some insight on how I landed my dream gig, and how all of my past experience led me to this amazing opportunity. I still have so many questions about jobs, life and all the stuff that comes post college, so I hope that sharing my journey thus far can help someone out there who might be a lil' confused about their next steps. 


For starters, you all may know that I interned at HGTV. That internship really launched me into the editorial world. It was that one internship that I feel really set me up for my future career. Hear me out, all of the wonderful internships I had before that set me up for HGTV. Basically what I am saying is all internships are extremely important. However, my last one at HGTV helped narrow down my interests and develop the skills I would ultimately need to begin my career. (*NOTE: I applied to HGTV THREE times before I got an internship.) Any UT/Knoxville peeps out there, message me and I can give you more details on this if you are interested in applying there!


Anyways, my internship with HGTV led me to Food Network! What you all may not know is that I was a contractor there.


Ok, what's the contracting life all about?


When I decided I wanted to move to NYC, I was still working at HGTV in Knoxville. I knew the Big Apple was where I wanted to head next but I also knew I needed a job. Cue networking. Scripps Networks (HGTV's parent company) also owns Food Network. Their office is NYC. Ding ding, seems like a potential opportunity!!! 


I bugged EVERYONE I knew at HGTV. Eventually I was put in touch with someone from the NYC office looking for a chill person (like me) to temporarily join the social team for Food Network. I be like, SIGN ME UP! I knew the job would be a tremendous learning experience for me since I had never truly worked with social media at that level.


The catch was the job was a contract position. So while I was full time, I was under a three-month contract and was not offered benefits. This is very common for big companies and can lead to an actual position within the company. I was obviously extended multiple times, hence why I was with Food Network for nine months, but as time went on I knew that I was ready for something more permanent.


So I began the ~scary~ job search and application process.


I started looking around for jobs, always keeping an eye open for anything that interested me. Never hurts to know what's out there. I came across the lifestyle writer position with BuzzFeed on Indeed of all places. Checked it out, saw my name written alllllll over it, and submitted my application. I honestly had no expectations and was still really lucky to be working at Food Network so fortunately I didn't feel a lot of pressure. Fast forward a few weeks and I heard back from BuzzFeed. I WAS SHOCKED.


I truly believe that branching out from editorial and experimenting with social media at Food Network landed me the gig... IN CONCLUSION, don't be scared to try new things and take jobs that stretch you. Dats how you grow.


Anyways, I went through a looooong, intense interview process and about two months after submitting my application I was offered the job.


I feel incredibly humbled, amazed, blessed. You know all the things you feel when you are SUPER grateful and beyond excited!!!! 


So, this weekend I celebrated with all the wines and ice cream and sushi!!!


YAAAY to celebrating and drinking wine on my roof! Cheers to new adventures. 



If you have any questions for me, or any ADVICE, plz reach out to me!!! Otherwise, be on the lookout for my name on that BuzzFeed website!! 

P.S. if you actually read this entire thing, thanks a million. 



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