The Penthouse Life

February 19, 2017


I am all moved in!!!


But here’s the kicker, moving actually sucks. I had a magical vision that I would move into my new palace and everything would be magazine-perfect—or at least take me three days max to get there. 


Uh, false. There is nothin’ glamorous about my apartment right now. It’s almost been two weeks since move in, and there are still boxes everywhere. I also have yet to finish purchasing most of my essential furniture pieces, and yes, a coffee station is an essential, OK? The good news is the couch arrives later this week, but that's also not so good news for my wallet (who is currently dying from monetary starvation). 


To be real here, moving, furnishing and decorating is a lot tougher than I had expected. I have so many visions but I also have a budget. Of course, I want a Pinterest-worthy space but I also have a full time job... so the reality is, this may take a while. I do feel incredibly luck to have a guy that's right by my side to help calm me down and support me while I walk through IKEA, and throughout this entire process. 


So I took a break from unpacking this weekend (kinda), and I explored the area because why wouldn't I, it's amazing and I live in walking distance from the Brooklyn Bridge. . And while I don't quite have pictures of the interior of my apartment, I do have some killer views I wanted to share.


Turns out, living on the TOP floor of a 120-year-old building has some serious perks, toned booty included. No elevator = unintentional workout every time I leave my kingdom.


So here's my weekend. 





Dowtown Brooklyn. View from my apartment and bedroom window. Is this real life?

Fun fact, my apartment building was built in the 1890's. The piers are right down the street from us, so this complex was created for the dock workers. The architect wanted to create a rich feeling for the working class, hence the rich brick and archways. 

View from my roof. Getcha self an apartment with a view of Manhattan. 



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