Winter is Coming - So I Knitted a Scarf

December 4, 2016

Hi people!


Big things are happening right now... I knitted a scarf from start to finish and I didn't quit! (See pics below.) But really, it's been quite the busy month with work, traveling and the holidays. 


Turns out, work at the Food Network gets a lil' hectic around Turkey Day and now Christmas. Gotta give the people what they want, which evidently is A LOT of turkey and mashed potato recipes. Speaking of that, if anyone has any new ways to describe roasting a turkey, get at your girl.


Aside from social media-ing it up at work, I have begun the NYC apartment hunt. I've been house sitting for my aunt for the past few months and since she is returning for the New Year, I decided it was time to spread my wings and finally get my own place.


And... It turns out that finding affordable housing in a nice area is a tiny bit difficult considering EVERYONE else here is doing the same. But I am so so so excited for this chapter and plan on documenting the whole thing. 


I am hoping I absorbed a thing or two during my time at HGTV so when I do find a nice shoebox to call home, I will be well equipped to bling it out!


Now, to address the scarf thing: I picked up knitting.


Truth is I've known how to do the basic knit stitch for about five years now but thought it would be good to maybe learn a more complex pattern. Thanks to YouTube, I mastered the herringbone stitch -- channeling my inner dream for herringbone tile in my penthouse onto outerwear accessories, naturally. 


I linked to the video at the bottom, along with the rest of my outfit details. If you're going to make yourself a fly scarf, you might as well dress to wear it! 


Also, cheers to winter and wearing all black!



Herringbone Scarf: Tutorial 

**Two balls of yarn with 19mm knitting needles; $18

Black Coat: LOFT

Boots: Nordstrom Rack (of course)

Jeans: Bullhead 

Top: Lucky Brand

Black Tote: Lucky Brand

Gold Choker: Express 

Belt: Express


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