Today Was Lit... With Festive Candles + Fall Drinks

November 6, 2016

I feel like most years I blink my eyes and it's winter. It goes from hot sunny summers to blistering cold winters and seems as if fall never even happened. This year it's been different and everything that is so wonderful about fall has been enjoyed for more than a weekend. 


While there have been some odd 70 degree days in November, fall has finally felt like a true lasting season -- and today it was a picturesque autumn afternoon. 


I got out of the apartment for a stroll around Brooklyn. Soon, it will be freezing cold and I will make every excuse in the book before I leave my toasty apartment and take a walk in the frigid cold... So today was the day to get out and explore.


The neighborhood I live in is painted with red and yellow trees. Families still have their carved pumpkins out on their stoops. It's really the sweetest borough of NYC.


But in all honesty, my walk in the crisp fall air was partly an errand. The glorious thing about the city is EVERYTHING is in walking distance and since I've been needing some festive candles, it seemed like a great day to walk to my favorite store and snag a couple for home. It was $10 off candles plus 20% off and I am all about a good deal.


I wanted to stay in the fall spirit when I returned home, so I made an apple cider boozy drink and cozied up on the couch (with my candles lit nearby!) and turned on some football. It was the ideal way to spend such wonderful fall afternoon. Now I just have to get used the whole time change thing...


I made sure to include my outfit details at the bottom, plus the recipe for the MOST AMAZING SEASONAL COCKTAIL. Really, I highly recommend this drink.


Hope you enjoy! 




Outfit Details:

Camo Jacket: Forever 21 (my college roomie came to visit me and had this gem, I told her I'd find one for myself because I loved it so much! Thx Case)

Jeans: Bullhead 

Boots: Nordstrom Rack // Sam Edelman 

Bag: Express 

Lace Choker: Forever 21 


Boozy Fall Drink 

1 shot whiskey (I am drinking Larceny)

Add ice

Fill glass with apple cider 

Sprinkle with cinnamon 

Add cinnamon stick

*Optional: add cinnamon sugar to rim



Sign up for Bath and Body Works emails! They have so many amazing candles and with the right coupons you can get them for $10. 




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