New City, New Digs

October 24, 2016


If you've somehow found yourself to this blog, well, thank you! 

And if you're wondering why I started my own blog, let me give you a quick rundown: 


I started this gem as a creative outlet after my move to The Big Apple this past summer. I quickly became enamored with the fast-paced culture and soon thought, "can this New Mexico turned Tennessee girl turned now city girl handle this new lifestyle?!" After all, I was born and raised on a mountain, moved to rocky top for college (go Vols!), and then headed to an entirely new world to start my career.


Really though, I wanted a platform where I could share my experiences with people, probably like three at the moment, and keep my family updated with my NY adventures. After all, nobody just up and moves to the city on a whim...really that's exactly what I did (more to come on that!).


As a journalism major and amateur photographer, former HGTV blogger, and now Food Network social media coordinator, it just seemed like the right time to start my own blog so I can truly have my own voice -- candid and unfiltered.


So here we go! I hope you'll stay up-to-date with this wild blog ride. If you like restaurants, cheap DIY meals, clothes + shoes (naturally, gotta have the NY style), semi decent photography and have ever wondered what it's like to be 22 living in New York City while learning to do this thing called "adulting", I think you'll enjoy this blog. So, come join me... I promise big city livin' on a tiny budget.


I'm excited to share my Brooklyn life and Manhattan work world with you all. 

And in the wise words of T. Swift, "Welcome to New York, it's been waiting for you." 


Stay tuned for more posts! I've got some Cobble Hill neighborhood tours and insight on Food Network employee life coming soon. 





My grandpa will see these pictures and ask, "did you pay for those holes in your jeans?"


Real talk, this stunning view is a five minute walk from my apartment in Downtown Brooklyn. In other words, I am never leaving. 





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