BuzzFeed is a leading digital media company that features diverse content for a wide variety of audiences. Here I have worked with the lifestyle team to write positive articles for the Goodful, Nifty, and Tasty brands. I now focus primarily on recommending products and creating posts, from roundups to personal reviews. I have also worked with the video team, specifically on-camera, to produce fun videos for different BuzzFeed platforms.

See my most recent work to the right: 

I have "starred" in a few BuzzFeed videos throughout my time there so far, but nothing that compares to when I faced off against a Tasty (!!) chef in a cooking video. It has over 7.5 million views on YouTube, and is featured on many BuzzFeed Facebook pages like BuzzFeed Video, BuzzFeed Food, and more.​ TL;DR: It's my claim to fame.

The I Heart HGTV blog featured at showcases a variety of entertainment content from design expertise to DIY crafts and everyday life hacks - basically all of my favorite things! I also have writing pieces on individual designers and HGTV's 2015 Fresh Faces of Design winner. My work has been featured on HGTV's Facebook page which has over five million followers.  

See my most recent work to the right: 

During my time at HGTV, I had the opportunity to pitch social video ideas and see them through to the final product. The video featured to the left is a DIY Scrub I made with a production team. It's gained over 8 million views on the HGTV Facebook page and has also been shared on Food Network. 

**Articles and posts from my time at DIY network can be sent upon request.