I am southwest girl at heart. I spent the first 18 years of my life in New Mexico, moved to Knoxville, Tenn. for college, lived in Brooklyn for five years, and now I reside in Denver, Colorado. 

On the experience front (those things you just can't see on a resume): I spent a few years in college shadowing two wedding photographers. I interned at HGTV where I wrote a variety of posts for their blog, I Heart HGTV, dabbled in social media for the Food Network in New York City, and now I am a senior managing editor for the BuzzFeed Shopping team. I've been at BuzzFeed for nearly four years, learning the ins and outs of a digital publishing company, while also being a part of a team that is truly paving the way in affiliate marketing.

Yet my journalism journey starts before college. I was the high school yearbook editor my senior year. Talk about boss mode, I was totally relentless! No matter my vision, I had to see it through and it was taking on this role that I truly learned this about myself. It's the very reason why I went to college and immediately enrolled in the communications college at the University of Tennessee. The journalism and electronic media degree was made for me, and I feel lucky that I was able to take what I learned in college and apply it in all my jobs after graduation.

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